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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mt. Cabot - 2/17/09

With #46 squarely in my sights, I set off on the drive to the Northernmost of the 48 peaks, Mt. Cabot. It was to be a lovely day according to various weather forecasts,and it was. It was blue skies and sunshine the whole time I drove to the trailhead, with the exception of some clouds over a couple of the higher Presidentials. Shortly after setting off on the York Pond Trail I came to a clearing with a view of Cabot ahead, blanketed in snow clouds. Off I went, a little less optimistic, and withing minutes it began to snow and continued throughout the remainder of the walk. It was pleasantly warm and the snow was thick and fluffy, so it made for nice conditions despite the fact that views were sure to be lacking.

The Bunnell Notch Trail

After a few more miles, and another inch of snow or so, I reached the cabin near the top and continued on toward the summit. After finding the sign at the top, I set off for the cabin once again, to take a break and eat a quick lunch, before returning the same way I had come.

The cabin below the summit

The improvised sign at the "true" summit

Upon glancing back up the mountain again from the same clearing, it appeared that the clouds had moved out. Apparently it was my own personal snowstorm, as I drove home the skies were blue and the sun was shining, even the clouds on those higher peaks appeared to let up a bit.

Looking back

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See you next time!

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