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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Arethusa Falls - 5/27/09

It was raining when I got up in the morning, but I had already concocted a contingency plan. What better time to visit a waterfall than when the water will be at higher levels? I decided on Arethusa Falls, the largest single-drop waterfall (though this is disputed, but that‘s another story) in New Hampshire. It lies at the Southern tip of Crawford Notch on Bemis Brook, perched at an elevation of 2,000 feet and a 1.3 mile hike from Route 302.

Bemis Falls

On nicer days this is a popular hike for families and tourists as well as locals, as it doesn’t gain much elevation. Today it was a much quieter scene, however. I walked along, dodging wet branches here and there. Not long after starting I reached the spot where the Bemis Brook Trail broke off from the main trail. This adds a little length and a little more climbing to the hike, but it also offers a few more waterfalls. I had never been out here so I decided to take in all the sights I could.

This trail drops down and you walk along Bemis Brook, there are three spots to check out along this path; the Fawn Pool, Bemis Falls, and Coliseum Falls. I found Coliseum Falls most interesting of these and the extra effort was more than worth it.

Coliseum Falls

Shortly I rejoined the main trail and was back on track, arriving at the main waterfall about twenty minutes later. It was an impressive sight. I was glad I had come on a day when the water was higher. I crossed the brook to get a better look and snap a few pictures before returning to the car, continuing past the Bemis Brook Trail on the way down.

Arethusa Falls

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