Here I will share my travels throughout the majestic White Mountains of NH and also delve into some of the area's rich history and forgotten places. I do this in hopes of getting others excited about exploring these wonderful places.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Cannon Cliff - 6/23/09

The talus (broken rock) slope below the massive Cannon Cliff is another spot I’ve been wanting to visit. These cliffs are the most striking sight in Franconia Notch. The day was sunny, but forecast to turn to rain so I figured I’d take the short trip and at least go to the bottom of the slope, not necessarily up to the cliffs.

Cannon Cliff

I found the path the rock climbers use to access the cliff, and followed that up through the forest. Before too long I started to emerge above the trees. The rain wasn’t far off, as the heavy cloud cover announced, but I made my way up a bit further. Once up the slope a bit further I caught sight of one of the turnbuckles, formerly used to secure the Old Man of the Mountain to the cliff face, laying among the rocks. A neat artifact about 10 feet in length.

Turnbuckle from the Old Man

The cliff looks rather impressive from up here and while I wanted to press on, the rain began and I felt it much safer to turn around then than to risk it on the slippery rocks later. I beat a hasty retreat to the car, with the intent to return on a nicer day.

View South through the Notch from talus slope

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